6 Reasons to Choose AG Neovo’s Video Wall Displays

video Wall display runway

In the fast-paced digital landscape of today, captivating visual displays are imperative for businesses aiming to effectively engage and enthrall their audiences. Whether tasked with creating an immersive video wall, establishing dynamic digital signage, or optimizing control room operations, selecting the right video wall displays is pivotal in delivering exceptional visual experiences.

Video wall installation is a complex and time-consuming process, especially when managing multiple displays, encompassing preparation, on-site setup, and ongoing maintenance. When deciding on the ideal video wall display, in addition to image quality, it’s crucial to evaluate whether the displays can help you streamline installation, providing an efficient means to manage and maintain them.

This blog delves into six compelling reasons why AG Neovo’s video wall displays stand as the premier choice for fulfilling your visual communication requirements.

Impactful 4K Video Wall Visual Experience

The quality of the visual experience plays a significant role in the effectiveness of a video wall display. AG Neovo’s video wall displays excel in providing an immersive and seamless visual experience.

1. High-Resolution Clarity

Ultra HD 4K resolution

AG Neovo’s displays support Ultra HD 4K (3840 x 2160) presentations, ensuring crystal-clear imagery and vibrant colors. This high-resolution results in sharper and more detailed images, allowing for seamless transmission of 4K content to a 2 x 2 video wall via HDMI 2.0* or DisplayPort 1.2 without the need for external connections.

2. Consistent Visual Performance out of the Box

Gamma setting comparison

AG Neovo’s displays undergo pre-factory color calibration (Gamma Setting) to achieve color consistency, uniform brightness, and consistent color chromaticity across each panel. Regular color calibration remains possible after extended use, ensuring a continuous and vivid visual performance.

3. 3.5mm Ultra-Narrow Bezel Design

3.5mm ultra-narrow bezel design

Featuring an ultra-thin bezel width of 2mm (top and left) and 1.5mm (bottom and right), the PN-46D2 provides an immersive viewing experience that minimizes distractions and maximizes content visibility. This design enables seamless video wall configurations, ensuring uninterrupted visual content display.

Flexibility: Landscape, Portrait, or Artistic Video Wall

Video Wall- landscape and portrait configurations

AG Neovo’s displays offer an exceptional level of flexibility, providing both landscape and portrait orientations. This empowers you to create imaginative and artistic video wall configurations, introducing a new dimension to how visual content can be presented. This expanded flexibility redefines the possibilities for captivating presentations across various orientations.

Moreover, when configuring your video wall in portrait mode, you can set the OSD menu to match the portrait orientation. This considerate feature enhances the user experience, streamlining navigation and the utilization of OSD functions, and making the setup process even more intuitive.

Thanks to its adaptable orientation, our video wall is particularly well-suited for artistic installations. Envision showcasing captivating content that draws visitors in, evoking the ambiance of an art museum. With AG Neovo’s displays, your video wall transforms into a canvas for creativity, inviting engagement and leaving a lasting impression.

Durability for Continuous Operation

When considering a video wall display, durability stands as a top priority. AG Neovo’s video wall solutions are meticulously engineered to withstand the test of time, rendering them suitable for a range of environments, including demanding ones.

1. 24/7 Premium Panel

24/7 operation

Built with a commercial-grade design, AG Neovo’s LCD displays ensure stable and continuous operation 24/7, making them ideal for applications requiring non-stop usage.

2. Thermal Sensor

Video Wall- thermal sensor

A temperature warning message appears on the screen when the temperature reaches 70°C (158°F), triggering a shutdown with red/green light alerts due to the high power consumption of video walls. Whether it’s a bustling retail store, a control room, or a high-traffic public space, AG Neovo video walls consistently deliver reliable performance, solidifying their status as a dependable choice.

Exclusive Anti-burn-in Feature

AG Neovo video wall displays feature an advanced technology known as the Exclusive Anti-burn-in Feature, which plays a pivotal role in preserving the display quality and performance over time.

The Exclusive Anti-burn-in feature is designed to prevent static content from becoming ingrained on the screen, eliminating the risk of lasting image retention. Image retention, commonly referred to as “burn-in,” is a well-known concern, especially for displays that continuously show static content. AG Neovo’s proactive approach ensures the video wall maintains its visual integrity, regardless of the displayed content or its duration.

Anti-burn in features comparison

The significance of this feature lies in its ability to extend the video wall’s lifespan and enhance its overall reliability. By preventing burn-in, it guarantees consistent display performance and shields against visual artifacts that could compromise content quality. This is particularly crucial for scenarios involving continuous operation or prolonged static imagery. Think of applications such as video surveillance displays in control rooms, promotional graphics in retail environments, flight or train schedules in lobbies, or laboratory programs.

In essence, AG Neovo’s Exclusive Anti-burn-in Feature safeguards the long-term performance and visual excellence of the video wall displays. It provides users with a reliable and durable solution for their visual communication needs.

Easy to Set Up

AG Neovo’s video wall solutions are meticulously designed to streamline the installation process, even in unconventional or complex environments. Whether you’re showcasing your brand in a flagship store, displaying crucial information in specific locations of shopping centers, or setting up a control room, AG Neovo’s video walls offer versatile installation options that can adapt to your specific requirements.

1. Time-Saving Setup (Up to 15 x 15 Displays)

Video Wall_UniWall function setup

With the embedded UniWall™ function, effortlessly combining up to 15 x 15 displays offers remarkable flexibility for creating large-scale video walls without the need for intricate setups. Furthermore, when it comes to Video Wall Matrix assignment after configuring the video wall, the typical approach requires connecting an additional video wall matrix device. However, AG Neovo’s built-in OSD UniWall™ function allows for direct basic Video Wall Matrix configurations, significantly saving time.

2. Centralized Configuration

Video Wall_ DisplayPort 1.2 daisy-chain (RJ45 & RS232)

The inclusion of DisplayPort 1.2 daisy-chaining enables easy connection of multiple displays in series, establishing a unified and dynamic visual experience. Concurrently, the RS232 protocol via RJ45 daisy-chain ensures efficient communication and synchronization among video wall components, enabling seamless management from a central control point. Additionally, the IR looping feature enhances control simplicity, enabling commands to loop through the video wall for consistent and synchronized execution.

Easy Maintenance

Regular maintenance is pivotal for ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of a video wall display. AG Neovo’s video wall solutions present both easy maintenance and intuitive control features, guaranteeing optimal performance and a seamless visual experience.

1. On-site centralized setting

Video Wall-IR sensor

IR looping introduces a sophisticated solution for on-site centralized management, enhancing control and convenience within your setup. By employing infrared (IR) signals, commands can loop through the video wall, ensuring consistent and synchronized execution across all connected displays with a single remote controller. This intelligent feature allows for seamless control from one location, eradicating the need for individual adjustments and reducing potential discrepancies. IR looping remarkably streamlines video wall management, enabling effortless orchestration of various display functions and settings. Ultimately, this optimizes the user experience and enhances operational efficiency.

2. Remote Control

Video Wall_RJ 45 LAN _Remote control

Experience the ease and efficiency of remote control setup through an RJ45 connection from your control center. Whether utilizing the RS232 command protocol or LAN control, AG Neovo’s solution ensures stable signal transmission, ideal for long-distance configurations. This advanced feature maintains consistent and reliable remote management, providing complete control over display settings and configurations without signal degradation, even across substantial distances. With robust remote control capabilities, confidently orchestrate your setup from your control center, ensuring seamless performance and effortless operation.

3. Using mobile devices

PID software-Using mobile device

The PID Command & Ctrl software adds convenience by delivering high control capability and remote management through LAN connectivity or Wi-Fi routers. This feature proves particularly valuable in locations where physical access to displays may be limited. It enables convenient monitoring and adjustments from remote locations. AG Neovo’s video wall displays offer an all-in-one solution that ensures intuitive maintenance and efficient control, making them a practical choice for various settings and setups.


AG Neovo’s video wall displays stand as the ultimate solution for your visual communication needs, offering an impeccable blend of Impactful 4K Video Wall Visual Experience, durability, flexibility, the Exclusive Anti-burn-in Feature, easy setup, and streamlined maintenance. These pioneering features overcome challenges in installation and control, setting them distinctly apart from the competition. Whether you’re aiming to elevate a retail store, corporate setting, transportation hub, or control room, AG Neovo’s video wall solutions deliver remarkable performance and ensure to amplify your visual communication’s impact.
Click here to embrace AG Neovo’s video wall displays, elevate your visual communication to unprecedented heights, and create a lasting impression on your target audience across diverse applications.

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