PID Command & Ctrl Display Management Software

  • Intuïtieve en gebruiksvriendelijke interface
  • Afstandsbediening en beheer via RS232, LAN of Wi-Fi
  • Uniwall-functie ondersteunt 5×5 videowall-weergave-instelling
  • iOS, Android gratis download voor mobiele apparaten
  • Vind snel commandocodes voor externe besturingssysteemintegratie

De oplossing voor beeldschermbeheer van AG Neovo biedt gebruiksvriendelijke software – PID Command & Ctrl, voor ongekende controleniveaus om meerdere beeldschermen van AG Neovo te configureren. Nu kunt u de schermen centraal bedienen via mobiele iOS- en Android-apparaten terwijl u onderweg bent, evenals Windows-laptops en pc’s.

Professional Video Walls

46” super narrow bezel 5.7mm and 55” ultra slim bezel 3.5mm professional video wall displays create seamless images for an uninterrupted visual experience. For a complete video wall setup, up to 15×10* tiling is supported via DisplayPort* and DVI interfaces.

The UniWall feature on PID command & ctrl display management software can make 5x5 video walls

Easy Control for Large Scale Digital Signage

Easy Control for Large-Scale Digital Signage
Its built-in scheduler and OPS slot are complemented by IR / RS-232 looping and Ethernet control capabilities to easily control, setup and maintain large-scale digital signage video walls installations.

PID command & ctrl display management software can do seamless system integration in the control room

High Visibility, Low Power Consumption

High contrast, wide viewing angles and up to 700 nits* of brightness give you images with superior clarity while the EcoSmart sensor* detects ambient lighting conditions to automatically adjusts the brightness level and reduce power consumption.

A person is using display management software to control AG Neovo's displays on iPhone

Industry-leading Reliability

Designed for 24/7 operation, these durable metal-housed displays take advantage of superior components to ensure a long product lifetime. Its integrated HeatControl sensors automatically activate the internal cooling fans, which is crucial when the temperature rises in mission-critical installations

The iOS & Android app UI from PID Command & Ctrl display management software



How to use PID Software to detect AG Neovo Display on the Network?

First, make sure the IP address shown on the PID Software and Monitors’ IP address in the same domain.
e.g. PC IP Address: 192.168.1.XXX, Monitor IP Address 192.168.1.XXX

Click IP Scan on the PID Software to Search, PID Software Can Get All Monitors list.
e.g. Mobile shows Local IP:
Monitor IP Address Show:

Why monitors in power saving mode can’t be detected or controlled via LAN?

Because an aggressive power saving mode will turn off the Ethernet port of the displays. If you want to be able to have access to the Ethernet port while the displays are off, you need to Set Monitor “Power Saving” Function as follows:

QM/NSD: OSD Advanced Option → Power Save → Mode 4 or Mode 3.
PD/PN: Enable Eco mode by pressing ↑ + ↓ + ← + → + OK
OSD General Setting → Eco mode → Normal

PID Software can get different Monitor models via (RS232)?

PID Software at RS232 mode Auto Search function only support a Model
Use RS232 to control Monitor, Every Monitor need Set Different “Monitor ID”.

Why does the “IR Remote” Control function in the PID software not Work?

QM/NSD/IFP Android-based models do not support IR Remote function.

Which models support the UniWall (Video wall) function?

Click on the “UniWall” tab of the Windows version of the PID software to check the supported models. On the Android version the application will automatically scan only the supported models.

Can I control a specific display after IP Scan?

Yes, after IP Scan, you can select one display to control.

If the PID Software was used to lock a display’s IR function, how to unlock it using the remote?

For PD/PN/PM models use the remote controller and press “ Home+1998”.
For QM/NSD models use the remote controller, press and hold the “Info” Button for 6 Seconds.

Can PID support RS-232 command?

Yes, only Windows version supports RS-232 command

Can PID support Ethernet Command?

Yes, both Windows and Android versions support Ethernet command

Can I use PID to setup video wall?

Yes, both Windows and Android versions support video wall setup