27-Inch 2MP Clinical Review Monitor

  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Compatible with DICOM Part 14
  • Medical adapter certified to the IEC/EN 60601-1 medical standard
  • Tilt, Pivot, Swivel, and Height adjustment ergonomic stand design
  • VESA mounting for flexible installation in healthcare settings

MD-2702 is a 27-inch 2MP clinical review monitor designed to fit a wide range of clinical applications. In addition to 3-sided bezel-less design for multiple screens set up, the monitor supports DICOM Part 14 Calibration, ensuring correct and consistent brightness and grayscale levels of medical images in detail. Thus, it brings clinical professionals confidence in viewing with optimized medical images, documents, and image-enabled electronic medical records (EMRs) as a solid basis.


3-sided Bezel Less Design with Wide Viewing Angle

Featuring 3-sided bezel-less design, the MD-2702 27-inch 2MP clinical review monitor delivers an immersive viewing experience at 178/178 degrees wide viewing angle, making it easy to build seamless multi-monitor workstation. All these contribute to the benefit that doctors and patients can share information, conduct clinical consultation, and patient education while viewing a display together.

MD-2402 Clinical review monitor features 3-sided frameless bezel and wide viewing angle.

2MP Resolution

The MD-2702 clinical review monitor features Full HD 1080p resolution, delivering remarkably crisp images of precise colours and consistent brightness for different clinical images viewing regardless of any angles.

AG Neovo MD-2702 clinical review monitors feature 2MP Full HD 1080p resolution,

DICOM Part 14 Compatible

Support with DICOM Part 14 Calibration, the MD-2702  ensures correct and consistent brightness and grayscale levels of medical images in detail. It helps clinical professionals to make correct treatment decisions.

MD-2402 supports DICOM Part 14 Calibration

Enhanced Safety with Medical-grade Power Supply

Compliance with the IEC / EN 60601-1 standard power supply ensures the safety of your staff and patients in the clinical settings, preventing an electric shock, energy-related hazards, fire, and heat-related hazards.

MD-2402 clinical review monitor features Medical-Grade Safety certification.

Improve Work Efficiency with Ergonomic Stand

The height-adjustable stand allows effortless adjustment in any direction and easy to tilt, pivot, swivel, adjust the height, or switch to either portrait or landscape mode. This 27-inch 2MP clinical review monitor can enhance medical professionals’ work efficiency.

MD-2402 clinical review monitor features Ergonomic Design

VESA-compatible Mounts for Flexible Workstation

VESA compliant monitor bracket can fit flexible installation and medical computer cart mobility. The MD-2702 clinical review monitors with a VESA-compatible solution can make it easy to set up a mobile workstation. It allows doctors, nurses, and other staff members can quickly access a patient’s medical history and enter a patient’s treatment plan, making it possible to deliver the most accurate care.

Versatile Connectivity

Besides multiple mounting options, the MD-2702 integrates HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA video inputs to fit different work environments and shared workspaces.

ag neovo Md-2402 features Versatile Connectivity 27-inch 2MP clinical review monitor
AG Neovo Medical Displays are designed and manufactured for the use in Healthcare, Medical and Clinical environment, but are not “medical devices” or ISO 13485 compliant. Professional Integration within medical environment might require specific knowledge, skills and certificates and is anytime due to the integrator’s liability.


Data Sheet
MD-2702 Datasheet V2.1
Upload date: 2023-02-21
User Manual
MD-2702 User Manual V1.2 English
Upload date: 2023-02-04
MD-2702 User Manual V1.2 French
Upload date: 2023-02-04
MD-2702 User Manual V1.2 German
Upload date: 2023-02-04
MD-2702 User Manual V1.2 Russian
Upload date: 2023-02-04
MD-2702 User Manual V1.2 Spanish
Upload date: 2023-02-04
MD-2702 User Manual V1.2 TC
Upload date: 2023-02-04
Product Photo
MD-2702 Product Photos
Upload date: 2021-11-29
MD-2702 CE Declaration
Upload date: 2024-02-01
EEI Label
MD-2702 EEI Label
Upload date: 2021-12-23
Technical Drawing
MD-2702 Technical Drawing V1.01 - MD2720
Upload date: 2021-12-13