USB-C Monitors For Office, Design and Entertaining


Creating the Productive and Modern Workplace

Featuring state-of-the-art USB Type-C connectivity, the DW-Series USB-C monitors are the perfect setup for your flexible workplace at home or office. With a single-cable connection, the series can easily display the content from the connected laptops or tablets while charging the devices and allow you to start working quickly. In addition, the monitor with higher resolution and richer color deliver crisp and vivid image performance in details, ideal for office work, web design and artwork creation. Adopting ergonomic stand, the DW-Series provides more productive and comfortable working environment.
DW-Series USB C monitor for artwork
DW-Series USB-C monitor for office
DW-Series USB monitor for web design

One-Cable Solution for Neat Desktop

The DW-Series delivers a one-cable answer using the USB Type-C port for a functional and neat workspace for the home or office. Data, video, and audio will be transmitted from the tablet or laptop over one cable to the monitor. Additionally, this monitor gives a power supply to each device by way of this cable sufficiently. This makes for a desktop atmosphere that is clutter-free and gets rid of the need for HDMI, power cord, DisplayPort or other cables.

* When charging connected device via USB Type-C Connector, check if the device is equipped with a USB Type-C Connector that supports charging function via USB Power Delivery.

More Productivity, More Details

Featuring a resolution of 1440p, the DW-Series USB-C monitor advances productivity. It also improves the quality of images you wish to view. With this increased resolution you are allowed more real estate on the screen. This is due to the increased display of data without the need to scroll. Making it a beneficial quality when you are producing video, graphics, or editing documents. In addition, this advanced resolution offers extra pixels to boost the clarity and quality of visual images.
DW-Series USB-C monitor features high resolution

Accurate Color Performance for Creatives

You will notice a broader range of color produced by the DW-Series monitors. It is capable of reproducing accurate, consistent hues. Also, this monitor brings forth a presentation of color that is more realistic. This series was created to match all professional up-to-the-minute standards regarding the standard of colors. This encompasses color space for sRGB, DCI-P3, and Adobe RGB. Perfect for a variety of creative assemblies, such as artwork, video editing, and web design.

A More Comfortable Working Environment

Another fine feature of this DW-Series monitor is that it pivots*, tilts, and swivels to allow for height adjustment. This is all in addition to a stand that is made to conform to your ergonomic needs. With all these extra features for comfort, you will be pleased with how much more productive you become.
*DW3401 excluded.

DW-Series USB-C monitor features pivot, swivel, tilt and height adjustment ergonomic stand

Smooth Gameplay Excitement

If it’s gaming that gets you excited, you are going to love the DW-Series. It offers you a greater rate of refresh as well as adaptive sync performance. When using this monitor for gaming you will recognize how it displays more picture frames quickly. It also is capable of synchronizing the graphics card. This gives not only plenty of quality gameplay excitement but also a smoother video motion.

DW-Series USB-C Monitor delivers exciting gaming enjoyment


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