AG Neovo Unveils New 32”, 43” and 55’’ LCD Displays for 24/7 Video Surveillance

TTN-Series PR News

AG Neovo, a pioneer in professional display solutions, announces the launch of the new 32”(TTN-3201), 43”( TTN-4301), and 55’’(TTN-5501) displays, specialised for continuous video surveillance in demanding settings such as transport hubs, retail areas, manufacturing sites, and other locations where monitoring through larger displays is essential. These models, renowned for their robustness and 24/7 operational capability, feature superior image quality, extensive connectivity, and environmental resilience, ensuring reliable, clear monitoring under various conditions.

“At AG Neovo, our objective is to provide robust and reliable display solutions that support professionals in developing a solid video surveillance infrastructure, particularly in areas where clarity and continuous operation are paramount,” states Jack Yu, General Manager of EMEA at AG Neovo. “The TTN-series exemplifies our dedication to excellence, offering unparalleled durability and performance that boost operational efficiency and preventive security measures for professionals. This ensures a steady surveillance process across demanding environments, offering peace of mind with reliable, high-quality video feeds essential for accurate decision-making and proactive security management.”

Manufactured in Taiwan, known for high-quality production, the TTN-series is distinguished by its robust design, engineered to withstand continuous usage in demanding environments. With features such as IP22 front-side protection, and an IK10-rated metal housing, the series is well-equipped to handle dust, water, and vandalism, ensuring that the displays remain functional and reliable, regardless of external conditions.

The TTN-series highlights installation effectiveness through its versatile connectivity, featuring VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, Composite (BNC), and S-Video inputs, as well as BNC outputs. This comprehensive range of connectivity options is key for optimising the video surveillance process, enabling easy integration from a central system to multiple remote locations and ensuring consistent communication and control across surveillance networks.

The series enhances colour performance for video surveillance, featuring patented Anti-burn-in technology and various preset modes designed to maintain clarity and detail in all situations, such as nighttime surveillance or capturing specific features like license plate numbers or text. This ensures every frame is sharp and accurate, allowing security personnel to monitor and respond to incidents with increased precision and efficiency, no matter the time of day or duration of video monitoring.

AG Neovo’s TTN-series enhances video surveillance with its sturdy design, superior colour performance, and efficient installation. Catering to all surveillance demands with a variety of sizes and specifications, it ensures supreme quality and clarity.