SDI Monitors for Video Surveillance

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The SDI monitor integrates serial digital Interface into the connectivity with BNC connectors. It allows receiving and transmitting uncompressed video footage directly from camera devices or DVR with ultra-low latency. It is commonly used in broadcasting and video surveillance solutions on real-time video footage transmission.

Broadcast Uncompressed High-definition Video with Ultra-low Latency

The SDI monitor series for video surveillance is specifically designed to broadcast high-definition and uncompressed live video footage. With SDI inputs and outputs, the series supports an easy looping functionality to multiple monitors up to 300m long-distance transmission without extra converters and adapters. These SDI monitorsfulfil the critical need of ensuring high-quality image details and high-risk surveillance when applying in the official authorities, law enforcement, banks, casinos, jewelry and luxury stores, police patrol cars, and private properties, etc.

Uncompressed Video Quality and Ultra-low Latency Transmission

The HX-Series SDI monitors support multiple video standards, including SD, HD (720p or 1080p) and 3G-SDI (1080p @ 60hz) formats. These standards support ultra-low latency and uncompressed signal transmission in long-distance live video monitoring applications.

AG Neovo HX-24G SDI monitors support multiple SDI video standards

Multiple Connections and Video Loop Out

With more input and output connectors, the HX-Series also provides Composite (BNC) video loop-through outputs. This allows connecting a CCTV camera to the monitor and sending the video signal to the second device for instant monitoring.

HX-Series SDI monitors provide CVBS video loop-through outputs for instant monitoring

Designed for 24/7 Continuous Use

The HX-Series SDI monitors adopt high-grade LCD panels to ensure round-the-clock operations. Strengthened with metal housing and hard glass screen protection, engineered for image burn-in prevention, the HX-Series is reliable for 24/7 continuing use.

HX-Series SDI Monitors for Video Surveillance offer 24/7 Continuous Use


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