Floor Mounting Cart
FMC-04 + LMK-04 (FMC-04 + LMK-04)

  • Durable design for multi-user environments
  • Landscape or portrait display orientation
  • Display height adjustable up to 1,810 mm (centre display)
  • Narrow footprint allows easy mobility especially through doors or elevators
  • Cable duct for smart cable management
  • Locking casters to prevent the wheel from rotating
  • Weight capacity: 125.0 kg (275.6 lb)
  • Mounting bracket LMK-04 (interface between the display and floor mounting cart) is necessary
  • Ideal for heavy-duty displays and large touch screens

The FMC-04 floor mounting cart, working with AG Neovo large wall mount LMK-04, features easy movement and durability. The smart cable management system and lockable wheels keep the cable organised and ensure the display remains secure. Landscape and portrait display orientation is also available for versatile applications. The FMC-04 is ideal for large-sized displays in public and multi-user environments for training or presentation purposes.


Data Sheet
Upload date: 2021-10-27
User Manual
FMC-04 UM_V012
Upload date: 2021-10-27
Product Photo
FMC-04 Floor Mounting Cart and LMK-04 Wall Mount Kit
Upload date: 2021-12-16