AG Neovo Launches the SMQ-Series, a New 4K Surveillance Display that Allows for Enhanced Visibility with Details in Analog and Digital Security System Monitoring

AG Neovo Launches the SMQ-Series, a New 4K Surveillance Display that Allows for Enhanced Visibility with Details in Analog and Digital Security System Monitoring

The SMQ-Series 4K surveillance system displays allow you to see every detail while video monitoring. It also enables the analog security camera system to upgrade with large BNC displays. Meanwhile, it also allows you to future-proof the 4K security system with the 4K display.

- Kevin Hsieh, Product Manager at AG Neovo

AG Neovo is excited to announce the launch of the new SMQ-Series, which includes the SMQ-4301, SMQ-5501 and SMQ-6501. These are 43, 55 and 65-inch future-proof 4K surveillance displays. They also support analogue systems wired over BNC to allow for 24/7 video monitoring in control rooms.

The SMQ-Series supports up to 8MP camera image quality for 4K CCTV systems, delivering crisp, high-quality footage so you can zoom in on images to review security footage. This provides more accuracy when monitoring premises through video surveillance. These are some of the SMQ-Series product highlights.


Reliable Design For Non-stop Surveillance

The SMQ-Series 4K security displays aim to provide reliable video surveillance for your digital CCTV system and analogue security camera system with high-end features. One of these features is the patented Anti-Burn-in™ technology that works to prevent a ghost image on your screen. Other features include a commercial-grade panel allowing continuous operation, and a metal-housed design for efficient heat dissipation. These components prolong the lifespan of your video surveillance system.”


Enhanced Visibility of Security Footage

The SMQ-Series products use true 4K rather than upscaled 4K for finer footage details that provide vital information when investigating criminal incidents. The built-in video settings controls include CCTV mode, gamma curve selection and black-level adjustment. These are all designed to improve image performance for night-time surveillance.

The CCTV Mode on these displays provides better image clarity in low light and gives users the ability to make granular adjustments. They can alter the sharpness, contrast, brightness and other aspects of the image to get a better look at the footage.


Easy Integration and Control

The system promises easy integration and control for DVR and NVR users alike. DVR users can still use their existing BNC cabling to connect to the SMQ-Series. Meanwhile, NVR users benefit from the SMQ-Series displaying up to 4K image resolution.

The compatibility with PID Command & Ctrl software and the embedded RS232 and LAN control capabilities mean easy remote control and integration of the multiple security display installations for the SMQ-Series. The SMQ-Series displays offer 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 resolution. They also have versatile connectivity with VGA, DVI, HDMI and BNC inputs. Users choosing the BNC connectivity can also use a passive loop-through output port to daisy chain multiple displays.

In addition to the new SMQ-Series 4K surveillance displays, AG Neovo provides high-quality security monitors for security professionals. Customers who are interested in learning how AG Neovo displays can help in their surveillance monitoring systems can visit the Security and Surveillance Monitors website for more information.