AG Neovo, displaying a zest for life at The Fertility Clinic, Copenhagen

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Medical environments need to be looked after and kept clean. The fact that it is so easy to do this with MX-24 displays was a crucial factor for the customer when deciding which monitors to use for their new installation. Combined with DICOM and EN60601-1 certification, it makes these screens the perfect solution to meet the needs of The Fertility Clinic.

- Jan Wessel, Owner, Wessel Dental

The birth of new technologies

There is nothing quite as magical as the first time you hold your baby in your arms. Eyelids flutter and awe is followed quickly by a desperate scream as hunger kicks in. Sadly, for many, being able to experience this is impossible. Medical challenges mean the standard route to giving birth is unavailable but the birth of new technologies and the advancements in science have made it possible to make that bond using a different method.

Making the most of what we already know

It might seem strange to think that a system integrator who specialises in dentistry could have anything to do with fertility but actually, Wessels Dental’s expertise were exactly what was needed. They designed a relaxing environment for patients requiring IVF, ICSI, TESE and insemination treatments at The Fertility Clinic in Rigohositalet, Copenhagen. With an emphasis on making it as easy as possible to see what was happening in real time, only the best displays would do. They chose MX-24 displays by AG Neovo.

Multiple tasks, one solution – MX-24 by AG Neovo

There’s more than one treatment and therefore, more than one task for the MX-24 displays to assist with. They help the doctor see what the camera sees when tracking embryos as they are transferred to the womb, they bring consistent Full HD quality image clarity when viewing an ultrasound and they give families piece of mind as they follow the process. This is all possible because of the easy to clean NeoVTM Optical Glass, the multiple signal source options and the smooth grayscale that comes from the DICOM compliant calibration.

Accurate, consistent, easy to clean and compliant

Having a smooth grayscale has made for the accurate and consistent appearance of data and it is the smooth operational effect and medical compliance that has really pleased Wessels. The EN60601-1 certification has ensured a safe and reliable performance.


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