7 Key Reasons to Invest in Commercial-Grade Surveillance Monitors for Security

A busy industrial environment equipped with AG Neovo surveillance cameras and monitors.

When you’re installing surveillance monitors and a camera system on your property, you want to know that the system is reliable.

Commercial-grade monitors offer more versatile connectivity, robust product designs, multi-year warranties, stable image quality, image enhancement, cost savings, and much more. These monitors allow users to configure better their surveillance system for a dynamic environment in 24/7 operations.

Let’s take a look at why a commercial-grade monitor is a right option for you.

Where Is It Appropriate to Use a Commercial-Grade Surveillance Monitor?

There are many scenarios where it is appropriate to use commercial-grade monitors for your video surveillance. These environments require rigorous demand for 24/7 operation and a high tolerance for critical environments. Some examples of environments where you’ll use a commercial video surveillance monitor include:

1. Aspect Ratio Importance in Security Camera Monitors

The surveillance monitors, especially the commercial-grade monitor, that you choose should be compatible with your CCTV cameras and offer high-resolution viewing angles. For example, if you aren’t using an HD surveillance system, a monitor with an aspect ratio of 16:9 won’t be your option. This is because the images will end up being distorted and stretched horizontally.

It’s important to consider the monitoring area that you want to cover before choosing your security monitor. You’ll also want to factor in the resolution that you need from a monitor as well as the vertical and horizontal fields of view.

AG Neovo commercial-grade surveillance monitor showcasing its sleek design.

2. Offers Versatile Connectivity for Surveillance Monitors

Commercial-grade surveillance monitors offer versatile connectivity, making them more suitable for a dynamic security camera monitor system.This is because they include multiple inputs that allow you to connect to other video devices or extend or mirror another screen. This can ensure that your system is configured optimally for your scenario.

Are you looking for a monitor to use for professional surveillance applications? Then the monitor with BNC input and output would be most ideal. This allows users to connect analog cameras to the monitor directly. This enables instantaneous monitoring and testing. On top of that, users can take advantage of the “loop out” feature that allows you to feed the videos to a DVR system or other devices.

Additionally, some monitors are equipped with both BNC inputs and HDMI inputs. This increases the convenience of using the monitors in your particular application. Are you still on the fence about whether the versatile connectivity of commercial-grade monitors is enough for you to make the leap? You might be interested to know the number of issues that can be caused when you are using a consumer-grade monitor.

Some of these include:

  • An image ghost problem when using the monitor 24/7
  • You will require an extra BNC to HDMI converter and HDMI cable in order to connect to HDMI monitors: HDMI cables can be expensive and can create an unstable signal over long distances
  • Depending on where you’re installing your cameras, monitors, and DVR surveillance system, the additional connection devices and input/output might make your costs increase as well as make the installation more complicated

When considering surveillance monitors for your setup, it’s essential to think beyond just the display. The viewing angles of your monitor, the compatibility with CCTV cameras, the integration with digital video recorders, and the resolution are all crucial. A commercial-grade monitor ensures that all these facets, from the camera system to the video output, function in harmony, providing a high-resolution, clear image for better security.

3. Robust Product Design and Multi-Year Warranty for Commercial-Grade Monitors

Your CCTV monitor is the keystone in your surveillance system. If your monitor fails, then your whole system is compromised. Commercial-grade monitors are designed for long-term operation.

AG Neovo’s security monitors are designed in a robust fashion. They are made using commercial-grade materials including:

These monitors are made out of durable components that can withstand countless types of damage. This means that you can be confident that you are always aware of what is occurring in your surveillance system field of view.

AG Neovo's security monitors and surveillance monitors are with robust design for protection.

Typically, you’ll get a one-year warranty for consumer-grade monitors. On the other hand, the commercial-grade monitors provide a three-year warranty as a standard. Thus, commercial-grade monitors ensure longer-running operations surveillance for industrial applications.

4. Stable Image Quality for 24/7 Surveillance Monitor Operation

Your security monitor footage won’t be of much use to you if the image quality is unstable and poor. If you are planning on having your surveillance operation running 24/7, a commercial-grade monitor is likely the best choice.

When you use consumer-grade surveillance monitors, you can end up getting “ghost images(Image persistence).” This is when the display panel is permanently discolored due to an image being displayed for an extended period of time.

Do you want a long-lasting system that always suits your needs? If so, a 24/7 surveillance operation should utilize commercial-grade monitors. This means that your image will be able and clear at all times so that security can verify the video footage whenever necessary. With AG Neovo’s proprietary Anti-Burn-in™ technology, the security monitors are equipped to operate 24 hours a day without causing ghost images.

With AG Neovo's proprietary Anti-Burn-in™ technology, the security monitors are equipped to operate 24 hours a day without causing ghost images

5. Image Enhancement Techniques for Security Camera Monitors

We’ve all seen surveillance images that are so dark and noisy that you may as well not be looking at a picture at all. In certain locations and under low light conditions, surveillance images can become practically useless. That is unless you have the ability to enhance the image on site.

Even when this is possible, it doesn’t guarantee that the image quality will be good enough for the situation. If the lighting is dynamic ordered lowlight in the environment, image details might be blurred in contrast in the image might be lost.

Consumer-grade monitors might only allow you to adjust the sharpness and the brightness of an image. Professional surveillance monitors can do so much more.

The video footage will be of higher quality to start with and users will have the ability to adjust many more factors, including:

  • Saturation
  • Backlight
  • Black level
  • Noise reduction

AG Neovo’s security monitors are specifically designed in order to ensure that you can get the best image quality no matter the location or light quality. They are equipped with a built-in Night Mode, CCTV mode, and Super Resolution features.

The night mode on AG Neovo’s monitor deals with images from a dark environment by automatically dimming the backlight level. This means that the image is still highly visible and clear so that you can navigate the visual environment reliably.

AG Neovo's security monitors are specifically designed in order to ensure that you can get the best image quality no matter the location or light quality. They are equipped with a built-in Night Mode, CCTV mode, and Super Resolution features.

And CCTV mode quickly fine-tunes the image by adjusting the sharpness, saturation, backlight, black level, super-resolution, noise reduction, and more.

Lastly, the Super Resolution feature allows you to enhance and upscale images. This means that you can see the images with more detail in layered texture both vertically and horizontally.

Set up your critical surveillance system now with AG Neovo security monitors.

6. Achieving Lower Total Cost with Commercial-Grade Surveillance Monitors

When you are shopping for video surveillance monitors, the cost of the monitors is not just the price tag on the product. Instead, you’ll want to learn about the “mean time between failure,” which is the measurement of how reliable and long-lasting a product really is.

The mean time between failure standards for most commercial grade monitors is 50,000 hours or more. This means that you can use them 24 hours a day, seven days a week for nearly 6 years before it is expected to fail. It is also standard for commercial-grade monitors to have a three-year warranty.

On the other hand, consumer-grade monitors typically only come with a one-year warranty. They are also not designed to operate in a high-impact environment 24 hours a day and seven days a week. What this means is that if you opt to purchase a consumer-grade monitor, you could end up repairing and replacing the monitor much more often.

When you factor in the amount of money you will spend repairing, replacing, installing, and upgrading your monitor system if you choose a consumer-grade monitor, it becomes clear that it is more cost-effective to use a commercial-grade monitor, to begin with.

7. Tools for Cleaning and Sanitizing Commercial-Grade Security Camera Monitors

When you are shopping for a video surveillance solution, it’s important to understand the maintenance that will be required in order to extend your monitor’s life and enhance its performance. You’ll need to practice regular cleaning and maintenance of your monitor to ensure that it can function at its peak operation and last as long as possible.

AG Neovo’s security monitors with NeoV™ optical hard glass screens have always been made with the knowledge that they will be performing in a demanding environment. For this reason, the monitors can withstand alcohol, bleach, ammonia, and other cleaning products that have high PH levels. The screens also prevent dust and water from seeping in between the panel and the glass screen.

Typically, it is difficult to effectively clean monitors and displays as they are sensitive to products like bleach, alcohol, or ammonia. When you use a NeoV monitor, cleaning becomes a much more simple and attainable task.

AG Neovo's security monitors with NeoV™ optical hard glass screens.The screens also prevent dust and water from seeping in between the panel and the glass screen.

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What Makes AG Neovo Commercial-Grade Monitors Ideal for Video Surveillance?

Your operation has its own unique set of circumstances that will inform what the perfect video surveillance system is for you. AG Neovo’s video surveillance monitors were intentionally made to offer all of the different possible options that you could require. This means that no matter what your needs are out of your security system, AG Neovo’s monitors can meet them.

AG Neovo’s monitors are classic looking so they will never go out of style. Designed with commercial-grade materials like our NeoV™ Optical Hard Glass, these monitors are designed and built to withstand harsh environments and be easy to clean and care for.

The image quality you will receive on an AG Neovo monitor is far superior to that which you would see on a consumer-grade monitor. Consumer-grade monitors only support adjusting the sharpness, noise reduction, and brightness. On the other hand, commercial-grade monitors have multiple features that can ensure that you always have the highest-quality images no matter the situation.

On top of all that, AG Neovo’s Anti-Burn-in™ Technology means that your monitors can be used 24 hours a day, every day, without ghost images appearing on the monitor. If you try to run a consumer-grade monitor all day long all year long, you will certainly end up with ghost images on your screen.

Consumer-grade monitors are also very difficult to clean well without damaging the surface of the monitor. This is because they are sensitive to products like alcohol, bleach, or ammonia. With the NeoV™ Optical Hard Glass Screen on AG Neovo’s monitors, cleaning is simple and easy.

Having multiple video inputs can also mean that your system is set up in a much more simple and convenient way. With consumer-grade monitors, you might end up having to invest in extra cables, converters, and more. Commercial-grade monitors give you every possible option when it comes to video inputs. This ensures that your system can be straightforward and efficient.

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Choosing the Right Surveillance Monitor: Ensuring a Reliable and Durable Security System

It is absolutely essential for any video surveillance monitor to be reliable and problem-free. When you are installing a security system in your commercial space, you do not want to cut corners on your monitor choice. There are major differences between commercial-grade monitors and consumer-grade security monitors that should not be overlooked.

AG Neovo’s monitors offer:

  • Versatile connectivity
  • Robust product design
  • Multi-year warranties
  • The stable image quality you need for 24/7 operation
  • Image enhancement capabilities
  • A lower total cost of ownership
  • And so much more!

Commercial-grade monitors provide the security you need for your property. If you are in the market for security monitors to integrate into your system, you can learn more here about all of the reasons why AG Neovo monitors and displays are superior to all other options.