AG Neovo Launches New 24″ Bezel Less Security Monitor for Surveillance Systems


The SC-2402 is a commercial-grade monitor, ideal for seamless video monitoring in the control room with multiple monitor setups.

AG Neovo announced the release of the new SC-2402 security monitors that allow daily operations in a control room such as rail operations centres, police stations, universities, hospitals and other process-intensive companies with productivity. Built with a commercial-grade panel, the SC-2402 is a high cost-effective security monitor featuring value-added video enhancement controls for 24/7 video surveillance.

As Kevin Hsieh, the Product Manager at AG Neovo, explains, “Many businesses are now taking advantage of high-quality equipment and have moved into a multiple monitor setup for their companies. The new SC-2402 is frameless design, ensuring to get more screen real estate and minimize a visible gap between displays, especially when tracing multiple real-time video footage across multiple monitors. Whether it’s for a CCTV workstation, control rooms in the casino or city surveillance, our products are the top-choice among competitors”.

The SC-2402 security monitor is compatible with AG Neovo’s mounting portfolio, offering optional monitor mounts for single or multiple monitor setups. Among some of the key benefits regarding these products, you will find:

  • High cost-effective and long lifespan: The surveillance monitors were purposely designed for long-hour monitoring to reduce system maintenance efforts. Their embedded Anti-Burn-in™ technology avoids the screen burn-in effect and prolongs the lifetime of LCD screens. Their flexible HDMI, VGA, and BNC connections support both analogue and digital security systems.
  • A 3-sided bezel less monitor fits a multi-monitor setup: The AG Neovo’s VESA monitor mounts support multiple monitor setups like dual monitor, quad monitor setup, and more, helping to easily configure ergonomic multi-screen working stations that enable you to effortlessly track tasks at once and make quick decisions, increasing work productivity.
  • Video enhancement controls for professionals: The pre-configured picture modes will save time for testing and fine-tuning video footage during the on-site installation. Whether it is CCTV mode, gamma curve selection, black-level adjustment, or contrast enhancer, your controls will give you various quick options to regulate your images.

AG Neovo is a world-leading provider of display-centric solutions for professional markets. The displays are designed with the customer and use scenario in mind, meaning they are the best fit for the environment.