The AG Neovo

As a company, AG Neovo is earnest in its approach. By listening to the specific requirements of the markets, AG Neovo is redefining its product and service offerings with the capabilities to perform in places where few competitors can.

AG Neovo is a world-leading provider of display-centric solutions and healthcare devices for professional markets. The company, founded in 1999, is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan and has offices throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Deriving its name from the Greek words Neo and Vo meaning New Vision, AG Neovo is one of the first in the industry to envision greater possibilities for display devices.

AG Neovo Displays and Solutions 

Today, AG Neovo displays can be found in environments as diverse as police stations, museums, science labs, hotels, classrooms, airports and hospitals. The displays are designed with the customer and use scenario in mind, meaning the best fit for use environment. The company’s commitment to designing display devices that answer to the functional and aesthetic demands of multi-user and public environments have made AG Neovo the choice of professionals from a variety of industries.

AG Neovo Healthcare

AG Neovo believes that everyone has equal right to the healthcare services. The company actively invests in the medical field, expecting to diminish the barriers of access to healthcare services, in particular, for the elderly, the disabled and remote rural residents. In the belief that doing the right thing and moving in the right direction, while focusing on quality of medical products, AG Neovo will enhance the brand service and make the world a better place.


Being a reliable platform that creates the added value for all stakeholders in the AG Neovo value chain.


To build a reliable platform that facilitates the added value by developing connections or networks of all stakeholders that can be accessed on demand, and creates and shares profits with all stakeholders on the platform.