Display indipendenti per totem digitali da 55 pollici 1080p

  • Risoluzione Full HD 1920 x 1080
  • Base indipendente e mobile
  • Il pannello con luminosità da 700 nit garantisce immagini nitide nelle aree luminose
  • Connettività versatile: HDMI, DVI, VGA
  • Altoparlanti doppi da 10 W integrati

Built on a MVA panel with 700-nit high brightness capability and a 4000:1 contrast ratio, the PF-Series freestanding large format display ensures lifelike images even in digital signage settings with strong ambient lighting. Equipped with varied connections and built-in speakers, the freestanding large format display easily integrates with IPC or media player for versatile media playback. With tempered glass on the front, and a metal housing and movable floor stand, the PF-55H freestanding large format display is ideal for public digital signage solutions.

Reliability and Durability

Tempered glass on the front that stretches from top to base, a strong metal casing, and a safe and secure locking back cover makes the freestanding large format display suitable for public settings while ensuring data protection.

Two pieces of PF-Series free standing kiosk displays

Easy to Connect and Move

The PF-Series freestanding large format display offers USB, VGA, HDMI and DVI connections and also a storage area for media players / IPCs. Its free-standing and movable floor stand makes the display of content convenient in a variety of locations.
* USB port for IPC remote control extension only

The PF-Series freestanding digital kiosk display features versatile I/O ports

High Visibility

With a brightness level that reaches 700 nits and a MVA panel that provides a wide viewing angle, the PF-Series freestanding large format display is able to meet the visual requirements for semi-outdoor use.

The PF-Series freestanding digital kiosk display features 700 nits high brightness


Data Sheet
PF-55H Datasheet V1.5
Upload date: 2021-10-13
User Manual
PF-55H User Manual V2.1 English
Upload date: 2021-10-13
Product Photo
PF-55H Product Photos
Upload date: 2021-10-13
PF-55H CE Declaration
Upload date: 2021-10-13
Technical Drawing
PF-55H Technical Drawing V1.04 - PF5H00
Upload date: 2021-10-13