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Eye Comfort and Ergonomic Workstations

Desktop monitors play an essential part in daily work. All visual presentations require computer monitors for different applications: From professional work at the offices or personal use at home. Along with the compatibility with mounts and stands, AG Neovo desktop monitors allow you to build up productive, ergonomic and eye-care working stations across diverse scenarios with an uncompromising user-friendly and content viewing experience day and night.


1080p Bezel Less Ergonomic Monitors for Seamless Viewing Experience

The flagship FS-Series features 3-sided bezel less design, wide viewing angle, and versatile inputs, including DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA and dual speakers, allowing easy multiple monitor setups for home, office, and workplace with a seamless viewing experience.

AG Neovo FS Series bezel less monitors


1080p Ergonomic Desktop Monitors with Wide Viewing Angle

The LH-Series 1080p ergonomic computer monitors are focusing on offering the viewer an immersive yet relaxed viewing experience. The ergonomic monitor is built with both flicker-free and blue-light filter eye-care technologies to protect the viewer from eye strain, while an ergonomically-designed monitor stand which can be freely adjusted allows more comfort used in both home and office.

AG Neovo LH-series ergonomic desktop monitors


1080p Desktop Monitors with Eye-Care Technology

The LA-Series eye-care monitors are designed to accommodate essential daily usage both at work or at home. Multiple connectivity options—DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA—and hence diverse multimedia applications.

AG Neovo LA Series Eye care desktop monitors


1080p Bezel Less Monitors with HDMI and VGA Inputs

With 3-sided bezel less design and eye comfort technology, the LW-Series gives users more screen space to work on and view their content at wide viewing angles with comfortable viewing experience.

ag neovo 1080p bezel less monitor LW-Series

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