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Designed for business applications, we offer a full lineup of monitors and displays with commercial-grade panels in various sizes, functionality, and features. With the practicality of the professional user in mind, we help you save time in selecting the right unit for video surveillance systems, healthcare services, and desktop workstations.

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Video Surveillance

More than high image quality, our LCDs for video surveillance conform industrial standards to high-quality requirements that can better meet 24/7 non-stop operation in critical environments to cover the entire spectrum of needs.

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AG Neovo Security & Surveillance Monitors


Our products for the healthcare sector are EN/IEC 60601-1-certified, ensuring a safe medical environment for both patients and medical professionals. With DICOM Part 14 standard support, the screens deliver clear and detailed medical images for accurate clinical review applications.

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AG Neovo Healthcare Monitors


Our desktop LCD screens allow you to work brilliantly and efficiently across workplaces at the office or home with an uncompromising user-friendly viewing experience day and night.

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AG Neovo Desktop Monitors


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