CMP-01 + WMK-03 
Ceiling Mount

  • Ceiling mounting solution contains CMP-01 with optional WMK-03, LMK-01 and LMK-02 based on display sizes
  • Robust steel design guarantees durability
  • Cables are managed within the pole for concise appearance
  • 50 cm of height adjustment
  • Swivel left and right for 360°
  • Weight capacity: 60 kg per side (incl. display and display mount)
Compatible Products

The combination of the CMP-01 ceiling mount pole and a variety of AG Neovo display mount kits provides comprehensive ceiling mount solutions for small- to large-sized professional displays. The adjustable height and 360 degrees of pole swivel function can achieve various viewing angles with WMK-03, LMK-01, and LMK-02 tilt mounts. Designed for public environments, the CMP-01 ensures safety and reliability with durable steel.

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