No.126  September 07, 2017  
AG Neovo Debuts QD-Series 4K UHD Displays

AG Neovo, a widely trusted supplier of displays and accessories, is happy to announce the introduction of its QD-Series 4K UHD displays that, with its up to 120Hz refresh rate, can deliver an unrivaled visual experience. Capable of enduring 24/7 operations and offering portrait/landscape mode options, it is a prime choice for digital signage applications and conference, control centre settings across all manner of public and retail domains where exceptional visual quality is expected.

The versatile QD-Series can be easily installed to render quality images wherever and however it may be needed. Competent both as a standalone display and for video wall tiling of up to 10 x 15 configurations, it comes with a DisplayPort 1.2 interface to secure higher bandwidth for transferring content and render 4K images at 60Hz by a single cable. Moreover, Picture-by-Picture capability and four inputs enable the QD-Series to present multiple screens in one display, making it a sensible option for control centres, meeting rooms and other public settings in general.

On top of a vast array of connectivity options (DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA, DVI, CVBS, and Component), the QD-Series is built with Anti-Burn-in™ technology to guard against ghosting and feature an EcoSmart Sensor for low-watt power consumption, both essential for it to stay on duty nonstop. In addition to remote control via IR looping, playing media content is much easier thanks to their OPS slot and USB port.

“The QD-Series stands out as a fine specimen in the 4K UHD league,” says AG Neovo Product Manager, Victor Tsai. “It can be easily installed in digital signage and conference settings, and it promises a more satisfying visual experience as the 120Hz refresh rate ensures utterly smooth images of the highest quality.”
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