No.125  May 25, 2017  
AG Neovo Introduces SC-Series (AHD) Displays

AG Neovo, a widely trusted supplier of displays and accessories, is happy to announce that it is launching its upgraded SC-Series of displays that allows analog high definition (AHD) video looping. Crafted specifically for 24/7 security and surveillance purposes, it promises to prove a premium choice for museums, luxury jewelry shops, and high fashion boutiques among other settings that demand quality images.

The SC-Series (AHD) displays are capable of rendering 1080P images without compression or latency because HD-over-Coax’s auto signal compensation (ASC) technology minimizes signal distortion in transmission over long distances of up to 500 meters (1,640 ft.). Users are accorded a substantial cost benefit for upgrading to these new displays that are snugly supported by traditional coaxial cable and can do without IP-based setups or special training for relevant personnel.

There are other strengths equally worthy. AG Neovo’s Anti-Burn-In™ technology provides durability for mission-critical nonstop operations and exemption from ghosting. The exquisite new displays render crisp image clarity on the back of their Built-in Image Enhancer that comes with versatile features (3D Comb Filter, 3D Deinterlace, and Noise Reduction).

To keep up with the rapid succession of images, the SC-Series (AHD) is configured for exceptionally fast signal switching between frames. Meanwhile, analogue, digital, and BNC signals can be directly selected and configured so that multiple displays and video equipment can be daisy-chained through BNC connection for a thoroughly integrated solution. Last but not least, automatic adjustment helps users determine an optimal image size.

“The SC-Series (AHD) rightly stands out as an upgraded option for security displays,” says AG Neovo Senior Product Service Manager Tony Chu, “With equally friendly pricing and outstanding performance as its namesake predecessor, it rewards users with a fully upgraded capability for rendering FHD images.”
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