No.128  January 01, 2018  
AG Neovo Introduces New RX-Series Displays

AG Neovo, a widely trusted supplier of displays and accessories, is happy to announce that it is adding two members—RX-22E and RX-24E—to its RX-Series whose cutting-edge gamma and black-level adjustability help ensure premium images regardless of signal quality. Built to perform and last for 24/7 security and surveillance purposes, they promise to expertly serve exceptionally demanding professional and public environments.

The RX-22E and RX-24E push the bar higher for the saturation of colour. More importantly, their capacity for 2.0/2.2/2.4/S gamma curve and picture mode selection is pivotal to meeting user requirements under all circumstances. Without this function, chances are that displays will not be able to bring out darker details in surveillance images when the monitored location offers only inferior lighting; such images will be of little use even if they are recorded.

The durability of the RX-22E and RX-24E is bolstered throughout. AG Neovo’s Anti-Burn-in™ technology makes it possible for them to perform mission-critical nonstop operations without suffering from ghosting. NeoV™ Optical Glass and metal casing protect the displays from scratches or other damage.

Both the RX-22E and RX-24E are versatile displays as AG Neovo integrates 3D comb filter/deinterlace, noise reduction. Other equally worthy strengths include a dynamic 2,000,000 contrast ratio, an EcoSmart Sensor for low-watt power consumption, and automatic adjustment for optimal settings.

“The two latest entrants to the RX-Series stand out as absolutely reliable professional displays for professionals,” says AG Neovo Senior Product Service Manager Tony Chu. “With both product performance and durability taken into account, they rightly make a compelling choice for security and surveillance settings.”
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