AG Neovo's Digital Photo Frame Wins iF Product Design Award 2007

When "me too" has long been taken for granted, uniquely original design can readily attract the spotlight toward a product in a multitude of look-alikes. There is no understating the value of design that sets products apart from peers, especially that has been recognised by world-renowned forums like iF, or International Forum Design.

AG Neovo, a leading supplier of LCD displays catering to both the professional and consumer marketplace, is proud to have won such an honour on the world arena. Its V-10, an elegantly crafted digital photo frame, has been selected as winner of an iF product design award 2007.

One of the world's three leading design awards, the iF product design award takes pride in a glorious history spanning half a century. Every year, some 2,000 products from around 37 nations are judged by renowned experts at the Hannover Exhibition Centre in Germany.

The best of them take home an iF seal of outstanding design quality - a worldwide brand with high recognition value, guaranteeing its owner a place on the cutting edge of contemporary design. Not only drawing attention to outstanding design achievements, it also helps users recognise the different nuances in a complex product world.

To be sure, AG Neovo is not a stranger to such international prestige. The P-17, from its flagship P-Series multimedia displays, was accorded an iF product design award 2006.

"Just as students need to take tests to prove themselves at school, we are immensely excited to have asserted ourselves in a highly competitive international environment," notes David Pi, CEO of AG Neovo. "And once again we have been rewarded profusely - a much-coveted prize for anyone who cares out design."

Like its siblings in AG Neovo's big family of LCD display offerings, the V-10 has been rolled out with "joie de vivre" as the underlying theme. Featuring minimalism in style crafted with the most up-to-date materials, it readily radiates one's confidence and lifestyle - with elegance - both at home and the workplace.

Featuring high-pixel density and life-like display quality, the V-10 has a user-friendly interface, and thus convenient use comes naturally. Button-less browsing of photos is made possible by the plug-and-play device's in-front "Touch Screen" control mode. One is free to choose displaying pictures in either real size or full-screen size on the 7-inch wide-screen LCD display.

"Now that our V-10 has won the hearts of international jurists at iF, we have every confidence that it will do the same with consumers everywhere," Pi says. "This perfect medium for sharing treasured memories and touching moments with loved ones will be recognised as a great choice for creating a special corner in the house."

The latest microsite launching - FotoVivo
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