Readable in Sunlight
With a 2500 nits ultra-high brightness display, the PO-Series provides optimal readability, whether in direct or indirect sunlight conditions, while retaining the superior image quality AG Neovo displays are known for. The panels also are equipped with high-temperature resistant (up to 110°C/230°F) liquid crystal cells, and circular polarizing technology which enables clear visibility even when the viewer is wearing polarized sunglasses.

Open-Frame Design
With customisation in mind, the PO-Series features an open-frame option which allows you to be flexible in any new custom display solution you are designing or to integrate the display into any solution which you have already developed.

  Easy to Install and Manage
Offering landscape and portrait mode capabilities, the PO-Series can easily adapt to various installation setups while expanding design options for content. A built-in RS-232 port adds convenience, letting you control your display remotely.

Smart Power Management
Power management is an important consideration for 24/7 applications to ensure a long product life and extended use. AG Neovo designed an energy saving EcoSmart Sensor, so the display can automatically adjust its brightness according to the external environment, particularly in outdoor settings, which can significantly save energy.

PO-55H PO-55F  


Optionales Zubehör
• Deckenbefestigungen (CMP-01)
• Wandbefestigungen (LMK-01)
• Wandbefestigungen (LMK-03)