Out there on the high seas, the fishing vessels were looking for durable displays that can withstand the ingression of moisture and salt in the harsh environments where they often operate months on end. The wide range of temperature and waves also challenge the non-stop performance of displays.

Display Solution
AG Neovo professional display, SX-19P, is chosen by fishing vessels to stably reproduce images from advanced radar and positioning systems and help the skipper to correctly trace schools of fish.
  Top Benefits
Rigorously selected components and meticulously designed circuitry of SX-19P make sure its 24/7 operations in the humid and salty environments.
The IP-22 metal casing and NeoV™ Optical Glass protect the display from moisture and dust ingression.
AIP technology reduces signal instability and interference resulting from irregular waves.
Anti-Burn-in™ technology prevents screen burn problem during long-time tracing of fish schools.

Sharp Surveillance